What People Are Saying…

“An interesting invention — a modern palm pistol. Invented by activist Matt Carmel. It can be fired by a person who lacks the dexterity to work a slide, has nothing to snag on clothing, and is probably more accurate in untrained hands than a traditional firearm. I’d see it not as something a pistolero would carry, but as something for a person who needs protection but doesn’t have the opportunity to learn standard shooting skills. “

David T. Hardy,
Of Arms and the Law Blog

“The design of the Palm Pistol appears to be functional, safe and effective. It gives those who would otherwise not have access to self-defense with a firearm the chance to even the odds. This unit looks like an outstanding option for extreme close quarters defense. Loaded with the proper ammunition, the Palm Pistol can offer life-saving protection to those who are most vulnerable to attack.”

Kevin Michalowski,
Editor, Gun Digest the Magazine

“I’ve always admired originality from those demanding to chart their own course in spite of ‘conventional wisdom.’ While the majority is picking things apart, trying not to rock any boats, and throwing sand on the new, the innovators push forward despite the catcalls. “

David Codrea,
The War on Guns Blog

“Whether you agree with it or not, carrying a firearm is a constitutional right in the US and many feel strongly about expressing that right. Palm Pistol is the design of certified NRA instructor Matthew Carmel. With his design, pretty much anyone can use a firearm. It doesn’t matter if your fingers are arthritic, if you are elderly, if you are disabled, or if you just want an unusual firearm, the Palm Pistol will meet the needs of many.”

Mike James

“Personally, I like the idea of a firearm that gives people with serious physical challenges an option that can be safely carried and used if necessary. I also like the idea of the integral combination lock. It needn’t be ‘scrambled’ when being carried, but would only take a couple of turns on the combination to render it unusable.”

Jim Sheppard,

“I do quite a bit of civilian self defense course beyond the basic NRA programs. I would be excited to develop a realistic self defense technique for this Palm Pistol of yours.”

Ed Lowrey,

….and many others!
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